Like A Train
A static observation upon daily movement, permanence and change. Composed of a single fixed frame overlooking a bench, honoring the magic of the everyday.

In post-production
Color / Digital /
UK, Argentina / 2023 TBC

Passing Place
Unfixed, images from a lifetime come to light, fleetingly, before decaying into darkness.

“This film whispered in my ear. In a world obsessed with visibility, hi-resolution and perfect rendering it asks us to lean in, focus, and imagine what’s not there, what’s disappeared. Developing images with an age-old alchemical process, the filmmakers have created a touching portrait of our time, evoking our collective memory loss, our mourning and our nostalgia.”
– Pia Borg, 25FPS Festival, 2021
︎︎︎ 25 FPS Festival
︎ Grand Jury Grand Prix

︎︎︎ Simultan Festival   

︎︎︎ Cine Toro
︎︎︎ Interface Video Art Festival
︎︎︎  Non-Syntax
︎︎︎ Concordia Film Festival
︎︎︎ EXiS
︎︎︎ Mientras Tanto Cine

︎︎︎ Calm & Punk Gallery ︎ 

︎︎︎ Highlights from 25FPS 2021
︎︎︎ Best of 25FPS 2021
︎︎︎ Dodjelom nagrada sinoć

Color / 35mm, digital / 11 min / Spain, UK, Argentina / 2021

Alone Sleeps the Water,
Frozen She Awakes
As teardrops fall to snow, they freeze and break, with a sound.

“What was once solid must now flow. In Alone Sleeps the Water, Frozen She Awakes, crystalline patterns of ice melt in the sunshine. Playing with opacity and transparency, Sofia Petersen investigates, through analogue film stock, the surfaces above and below the ice cap of a river. Later, footprints on a snowy plain tell of a presence marking its trace.”
– Marius Hrdy, Alchemy Film & Moving Image, 2021
︎︎︎ Alchemy Film & Arts
︎︎︎ Non-Syntax
︎︎︎ Festival Equinoxio
︎︎︎ Festifreak
︎︎︎ Filmhuis Cavia
︎︎︎ Cortópolis
︎︎︎ Festival Play
︎︎︎ Corriente
︎︎︎ Festival Play

︎︎︎ Terhan Short Film Festival
︎︎︎ Festival de Cine Silente
︎︎︎ Festival Render

︎︎︎ FUSE

Color / 16 mm /
5 min / Spain, Argentina / 2021

Would You Build a Nest in My Branches?
A star in a grain of sand.
The Associated Press 1-Minute Archive Film Competition
Color / Archive / UK / 2022

Even when still we are still spinning at 1000 miles per hour.
The Associated Press 1-Minute Archive Film Competition
Color / Archive / UK / 2022